Venice Biennale: Domingo Zapata with mosaics by KOKO Mosaico

He landed in their studio accidentally, Arianna Gallo told the press at the opening of the Biennale. Or rather Domingo Zapata‘s natural curiosity led him to them.

The world-renowned artist and favorite of U.S. celebrities dropped in at their studio KOKO Mosaico on Via di Roma on a walk through the city of Ravenna. And was so fascinated by the work and the atmosphere in the studio that he surprised Arianna with a spontaneous request: Whether she and her team could “translate” some of his works for the Biennale in Venice into mosaics? Well-behaved she accepted to not really expecting a job. Even more was she surprised when Zapata commissioned two large-format jobs shortly afterwards. And further two later.

For Arianna and Luca Barberini, the founders of the open studio, such collaborations with other artists are quite common. KOKO Mosaico sees itself as a laboratory – open for visitors, students and creatives from around the world. But the cooperation with the Majorca born artist with studios in New York, Miami and Venice was especially exciting, she says. After all, you never know what celebrity will buy his next work.

Exhibition “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

With “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Zapata has his first solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The artist’s works and those of KOKO Mosaico are exhibited until 15th October at the Palazzo Da Mula Morosini on the Grand Canal – a few steps away from the Guggenheim Museum.

30.05. – 15.10.2013, 10 am – 6 pm daily
Palazzo Morosini da Mula, Dorso Duro 523, 30123 Venice

DOMINGO ZAPATA video portrait by Warhon

Photo of the article:  Mike_Fleming

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