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Mosaic appeals to all senses. You can touch, smell, see the different material, structure and light reflections it offers. Through text, image, video and audio this blog tries to capture all these sentiments sharing views, news and facts on mosaic art and craft. mused aims to promote the contemporary so called arte musiva presenting people, works, projects and news from the mosaic scene and all associated fields.

Who is writing?

Mosaikworkshops Miriam BastischI am Miriam. The need to give my creative side new space has brought me to mosaic. After a few courses in Germany and Italy, I was fascinated by the possibilities the medium offers. Due to my experience with the web, I felt that reporting online about the subject would be a great idea. Since the first article appeared in this blog I have seen many interesting people, exhibitions and places. With this experience, my curiosity about mosaic art has continued to grow.

In September 2013, I quit my job and moved to Spilimbergo (Northern Italy) to learn the mosaic craft from the bottom up in an intensive training. Here you can read about my experiences at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. Back in Germany since 2015, I  pass on my knowledge about mosaics writing for my blog and giving mosaic workshops.

Since 2016, a team of authors contributes articles to this blog. If you want to join the mused team of authors, let me know.

And you?

What do you wish from this blog? What do you think of the last post? What moves you? Leave a comment in the articles or tell me via the contact form.

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Although the focus is on this website, you can find mused on many other channels in the web. On Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, with my Newsletter and via RSS feed, you can keep track and participate.