About mused

My name is Miriam Bastisch and mosaic is my passion.

What brought me to making mosaics? Certainly the timeless beauty of ancient mosaics from Pompeii in the Museum of Naples. For one year, I studied there and I have part of my own roots. Above all, the desire for something concrete, something tangible, something material. As opposed to the digital world, into which we become more and more involved even without realizing it.

Mosaikworkshops Miriam BastischI learned the craft with all its facets and techniques in the Byzantine town of Ravenna. And as part of the three-year mosaic education at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo.

In my work, I bring together marble, pebbles, handmade glass from Italy, ceramics, finds and seemingly worthless materials such as cherry pits and pistachio shells. Smooth and shiny, dull and rough, the play of light and shadow: It’s the opposites that fascinate me. I quote and break the rules of ancient craft and create mosaics of my here and now.

The arte musiva, the art of the muses, keeps packing me and has made it what it is today: a blog to inspire and document my own journey. A studio where mosaics are created and people come together to make mosaics.

Let’s go! Let’s turn off our heads and go on a journey of discovery with heart and hand and all our senses! Come to my workshops in Dusseldorf. Or browse the tutorials in the blog.