Live in television

The WDR television program “Hier und Heute” presents people with a passion. I talked about how my mosaic story started and showed some of my works.

Studio warming

The last few weeks were so packed, but I want to say thank you also here for the congratulations and visits regarding the official…

Mosaic sign for my studio

The window of my studio now has a mosaic sign made from glass, ceramics and tiles. It is integrated into a shelf where I can decorate stuff and show my own works.

Mosaic meets 3D printing

3D printing and mosaic make a real good team. It allows you to make complicated shapes according to your own ideas in which tesserae can be placed easily.

Antenne Düsseldorf

Antenne Düsseldorf

In April, I was invited to the bilingual radio program “Buonasera Düsseldorf” on Antenne Düsseldorf to talk about my mosaic creations and my story. Once…


I just love them: these moments, when the universe tells me “that’s all right, you’re on the right track”.