Himmelsfels Mosaic Project – Part #3: The final part

This is part 3 about the Himmelsfels project. Also read part 1 about how it all began and part 2 about the preparation and first work on the scaffolding.

A few days ago, the moment was finally there: the completion of the mosaic in the cupola at Himmelsfels. I could hardly believe it, when we had finished all the steps and could disinstall the scaffolding, in order to celebrate the work with all project participants on site. Of course, pictures describe the feeling better than a thousand words. So there’s a lot of them up in the gallery and a video below showing all the steps.

Even with a little distance,finding the right words to describe how I feel is difficult. Because I am really touched how great everything worked out. I am so proud of our group. So many people have come together, so many backgrounds, talents and desires to create this mosaic for Himmelsfels. Almost everyone involved made mosaic for the first time. The smallest child was 3 years old.

With 108 hands, 260 kg glass, 45 kg cement and 70 kg grout we have created a mosaic sky of 25 square meters in 26 days.

After the preparatory work and the first parts being installed in the cupola we still had some square meters of space to cover until we finally went to grouting and cleaning. It was simply beautiful when finally all the pieces joined together to form a night sky.


Looking back, I can say: I had a plan in my head and on paper, I bought materials and put together color mixtures. But the result far exceeds my expectations.

With so many people involved, things do not always go according to plan. It was difficult for me in the beginning, to not have it all under control: how the cement was put, how the pieces were laid, how color transitions were created. But at some point, I understood that the magic of this intercultural project lies in this very particular dynamic.

It touches me to look up and know: this is where Yu-Hao worked. And this part was made by Liza. I could quickly assign every part of the mosaic to a person. Each team member has left his and her own handwriting.

Exactly this diversity makes the mosaic sky what it is and was meant to be: We all look up to the same sky.

Sometimes it was just exhausting. Working over head until the late evening hours. And yet, every hour has paid off.

Many pieces now make a whole. It was a great pleasure for me to lead this project artistically.


My sincere thanks go to

Children, attendants, camp workers and permanent staff at Himmelsfels
People from Spangenberg
Celina, Evrim, Gergely & Susanne

Learn more about the project in this video

Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles!

At the end of this blog series to document the project, I would like to let the participants speak for themselves. Read here what they say about the mosaic project.

Voices from the team

Madawi, Sri Lanka

“It was my first time to make mosaics. She explained how to blend the colors. I learned a lot from Miriam. Also, it was nice that we started from here and there and everywhere. She always used to say: We are not here to do perfect things. It is all about working together. But it turned out so perfect. And it was nice. I was always thinking how it was going to look at the end. All together, we made one picture. It is nice, it is so nice.”

Valencia, Zimbabwe

“I remember, when it started and she said: We need to lay the mosaics on the paper outside. And I was wondering how it is going to look like. I never imagined it was going to come out this beautiful. I never had any idea. But now, it’s all the little pieces we gathered together. Now it is a big piece. You can’t tell where it started from and where it’s ending. You can only see the beauty and the shining stars and the mountains and beautiful statement. And the colors are blending well.”

Icha, Indonesia

“Before we started, Miriam told us very detailed the background and the history of the color. So first, she showed us, these are the colors that we are going to use. We had fun when we did it together. And you can see the beauty.”

Rachael, Uganda

“Seeing the whole beauty come out was so good. But first I thought: Oh my god, how is this supposed to work? I haven’t seen mosaic in my country. For me, it was something I learned. Now I know the basics and want something similar in my place, maybe a bathroom.”

Privilege, Zimbabwe (joined the team in the last days of the project)

“To me, mosaic is new. In my country, I didn’t see anything like this. I would really like to learn it from scratch. Sometimes, I felt privileged. My wish is to learn how to do this better, because I want to have one for myself.”

Susi, Germany

“It was such a great privilege for me to complete such a beautiful work of art with people from different countries. I felt a bit like in the parable of the workers in the vineyard. I only got there the last three days after many people had already contributed to this mosaic and was able to experience and enjoy the special moment of the finalisation. I received the same reward as those who had put much longer, much more time and energy into this project. Thank you , dear Miriam, for your trust and your great openness to let yourself in for this adventure and make a little bit more heaven visible on Himmelsfels. “

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