made by Miriam

Mosaic meets 3D printing

3D printing and mosaic make a real good team. It allows you to make complicated shapes according to your own ideas in which tesserae can be placed easily.

Thou shalt not…

Anyone out there who can recite to me the 10 commandments? Not sure about them? No worries, me neither.

At sea

What could be more beautiful for a mosaicista in the summer than working on a mosaic made of blues and greens that form a foaming sea and wild waves?

Mosaic portrait finished!

It really feels like magic when tesserae made of stone begin to form the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and finally the face gets its shape.

A portrait made of marble

Creating a portrait with marble is surely the most fascinating thing I have been doing until now here at the mosaic school in Spilimbergo.

Hangs like hell!

Finally, our Byzantine group work was hung and of course we have posed proudly for a photo.