made by Miriam

Final mosaic work I: Asaraton

That was a pretty turbulent last week: during 5 days we selected material, cut and glued. The time flew by during our opus vermiculatum…


This feathered friend was completed in indirect method.

Pretty in pink

Just in time for the beginning of spring color is illuminating our class room: we work with smalts on diverse fruit motifs.

Teamwork II

In the second week after the holidays we have returned to routine with new energy and continue our group work.

Teamwork I

This week, tables, chairs and ceppi were moved: We have started our first group work!

Cherry blossom

Unfocused handling of the hammer can lead to interesting forms.

Mein erster Kurs in Ravenna.

A week at KOKO Mosaico

About bioadhesive made from rabbit bones and the meditative mood of mosaic making.