Marseille is European Capital of Culture

La Folle Histoire des Arts de la Rue Photo Marcel Dupuy

As a port city it has always been on the move, meeting point for people from around the Mediterranean. Meltin Pot with high crime and dirty neighborhoods. With a wonderful heritage as the Notre-Dame de la Garde, the splendid basilica which with its marvelous mosaics stands majestically above the town. With a coast to die for a few miles away.

Even though I have not been there yet: For me cities like Marseille are the most exciting. For between gloss and dirt, between crystal clear sea and ugly docks, between rattling Citroëns and Renaults creativity and culture find their own way.

This year, Marseille is set as Capital of Culture in Europe and bends over backwards to present itself in the best light. You should not miss to go there. Not only because there will be concerts and exhibitions, film screenings and more throughout the year. But also because you can experience Marseille without expensive tickets and in a special way – all open air.

For example, during the Nuit Industrielle in Martigues, an “industry night” on the last day of August.  When light projections will fill  industrial plants with bright colors and factory walls will serve as cinema walls.

Or go and see one of the shows of the Street Art Festival Karwan in May. When in Marseille and five nearby cities local and national artists from Europe and the Mediterranean will be on stage. With 50 shows “La Folle Histoire” invites visitors to experience art in public space.

And why not round off the program with a day at the beach? So: Allons à Marseille!

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