Mosaic sign for my studio

The window of my studio now has a mosaic sign made from glass, ceramics and tiles. It is integrated into a shelf where I can decorate stuff and show my own works. In the video, you can see the creation process.

In the indirect technique, the motif is first transferred inverted on paper. Depending on the size of the mosaic, the area is divided into several parts, whose irregular borders later mesh together like puzzle pieces. This prevents the seams from attracting any attention later.

On the provisional paper, the stones are glued vice versa with a water-soluble adhesive. Once the surface is complete, it is coated with cement and placed on the carrier. Some correction and treatment is necessary. Then, the paper is released and the mosaic is cleaned. Sounds elaborate? It is. But the moment when you peel off the paper and your flat mosaic surface gets revealed is very special every time.

The technique is suitable for table tops, walls, floors and everything else that should have a flat surface.

You want to learn how to create such a mosaic? Come in one of my workshops!

Design and mosaic: Miriam Bastisch
Carpentry: Thomas Kirchner

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