Sergio Cicognani, Interview with Miriam Bastisch

Sergio Cicognani

Know more about Cicognani’s way of working: His mixture of mortar, fresco painting and tessere is still unique in the art world.

Luigi La Ferla

His works result from a creative process that combines music, writing, painting and mosaic making and bring out a very personal story.

Reiner Seliger

At the Art Fair in Cologne this year, I discovered his chalk work and became curious. Someone who works with such material surely is interested in…

Zemer Peled

In her sculptures and installations of shards all made out of clay, Zemer Peled examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world.

Claire Roger

With every object made of colored clay, Claire Roger creates a unique surface, tells another story, lets us wander in a different mental landscape.


10 years after the foundation of MOSAIZM, the 7 members have met again for their personal exhibition in Spilimbergo, where it all began.

Takako Hirai

Takako’s story is as unique as her works: After studying painting in Hiroshima, she looks for new inspiration, something to enrich her way of working with color….

Michela Mazzero

Inspired by fabrics and textures of tissues and ceramics, Michela creates patterns and shapes with traditional materials like marble, pebbles and smalts and combines them with plastic.

Dagmar Friedrich

The mosaics of the German artist who has her studio in Spilimbergo radiate elegance and lightness.

Arab Mosaico

Beautifully worked pieces ranging from noble jewelry to home decoration. 100% handmade.

Sergio Policicchio

Micromosaics that remind of landscapes seen from above. Of amphibians drawn by the nature surrounding them.


The trio tells about its formation at the school of mosaic restoration in Ravenna and how their own mosaic grammar was born.

Andrej Koruza

With his “Signals from the limit” he has been gaining lots of attention at Ravenna Mosaico.

Nicole Zäch

After high school she went to London and jobbed in the creative industry. While visiting a mosaic course at Hampstead School of Art, she…