Michela Mazzero

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uring artemosaico, a conference and exhibition here in Spilimbergo in October 2014, I hit upon the works of the petite woman who lives and works in a small village in Friuli. Some weeks later we met again for the interview. And the beautiful terrazzo floor from the 18th century made a perfect setting!

Michela Mazzero likes things that have a soul and history. That is what she says of herself and you can see it right when you enter her house, which she restored together with her husband. Old and new, handmade and industrial are combined with an ease that is reflected also in her mosaics.

Inspired by textures of fabrics and ceramics she creates mosaics with abstract patterns and shapes. While initially she used to work with the materials that are common to a mosaicista like marble, clay, pebbles and smalts, today she integrates those that are seemingly soulless, like plastic. The structures of her works invite to be touched, and their unique patterns remember enchanted handwoven items that our grandparents created.

Michela Mazzero was already enrolled in the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli by the age of 17. But it should take her another 10 years to actually start the training. After graduating in 2000, she worked in various studios (among them Bisazza – based in Spilimbergo until 2006 – and MosaicoPro by Sergio Pastorutti). Since 2014, she creates her own mosaics under the label Mòysa. In her latest works she combines traditional materials such as smalts and marble with plastic.

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  1. says: Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Another wonderful interview beautifully produced. Thank you so much for taking us into the studios and minds of innovative artists. I have shared (once again!) with Mosaic Art NOW followers. Happy 2015, Miriam! Hope to see you in Ravenna in October.

    1. says: miriam

      Thank you for your kind words, Nancie, and for sharing this post again with MAN! Wishing you all the best for 2015 and hoping to meet you soon! Cheers, Miriam

    1. says: miriam

      Hey Nirit, yes Michela is really inspiring. How are you? Will I see you at Ravenna Mosaico this year? Cheers, Miriam

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