Arab Mosaico

Located right in the historic center of Udine, in a small street near Piazza XX Settembre, Laura Carraro and Mohamed Chabarik have their studio.

Being also point of sale and exhibition space, Arab Mosaico attracts the attention of many passers-by. Maybe, because even the smallest object reflects attention to detail and a very conscious manufacturing progress. The works exhibited range from items for interior decoration such as stools and mirrors, ceramic and wood framed mosaics to the noble jewelry series Mosaicûs.

The two complement each other in the collaboration, but also go their own way of artistic development and project work. They like variety and lateral thinking. And have the mission to bring contemporary mosaic to a new level, mixing and confronting it with other art forms. In the video above they tell you how they bring forward all these projects and what is important to them in their work. On their website, you can find more information.

Laura Carraro (Venice, 1984) studied art at the University Ca ‘Foscari in Venice. After her graduation in 2007 she started her training at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. Shortly after completing the formation in 2010 she began working with Arab Mosaico. In her personal artistic work and with various art projects and events, she brings contemporary mosaic art to a brighter audience, mixing it with other art forms and ideas of thinking. Her personal artistic work can be found on her website

Mohamed Chabarik (Aleppo, 1978) had worked in Syria in various skilled trades, among them calligraphy, glass and textile production, before he came to Italy in 2003 to attend the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. A few months after his graduation in 2005, he founded Arab Mosaico. The passion and perseverance he devotes to the project and various collaborations have made Arab Mosaico known in Italy and abroad.
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