Andrej Koruza

A lot was going on at the opening of Signals from the limit in the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters on the first evening of Ravenna Mosaico 2013. Not very surprising as Andrej Koruza’s installation clearly stands out from the crowd of many interesting works that the festival offers to its visitors.

The mosaic machine, a structure made of wood, styrodur and a lot of cables is awesome and fun to watch. (Besides watching, listening to it is quite interesting, too, because it produces intriguing sound effects.) It plays with the relationship between tessera and fuga, light and shadow, order and chaos – and overrides the laws of mosaic by all means. A machine that will move the mosaic landscape and beyond.

Between all the hustle of the festival, Andrej has taken his time for a short interview with me. In the video he tells more about his attitude to mosaic, why machines fascinate him and what he needs to successfully implement a project.

Visit Andrejs blog to see more details of the installation and to read what’s on his mind.

Andrej Koruza (Koper, Slovenia, 1982) has attended the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli from 2004 to 2007. His final work was awarded with a scholarship for the best mosaic of the year. Since then, Andrej has been exploring the principles and techniques of mosaic and its interaction with society. With Delavnica he designs and produces home furniture.

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