Nicole Zäch

She founded her own mosaic business with 24. Today she creates impressing mosaics for all over Europe.

Greet Weitenberg

Exceptional materials such as shark teeth and desert roses abound on unusual substrates.

Lea Lenhart

Lush plant worlds, beetles in bold colors. All made from tiny glass beads.

Joyce Kozloff

During the “Pattern and Decoration” movement the US american artist created a tile floor – and many mosaics for the public.

Federico Uribe

Pencils, plastic cups, pens, Coke cans. Recycling à la Uribe.

Marco De Luca

Poet in his works, poet in his speech.

Elizabeth de Ath

Elizabeth de Ath lives and works in Hove near Brighton. There she works on comission for outdoor and indoor projects. Together with her husband she runs her own Bed & Breakfast.

Luca Barberini

Luca Barberini

Luca is a mosaic artist from Ravenna. With Arianna Gallo he founded KOKO Mosaico in 2005. The two are a couple also in personal…

Jana Beerhold

Jana Beerhold lives and works in Leipzig. Her works are characterized by a flowing structure and the use of different materials like glass and…

Mosaic Art from Down Under

Today I encountered the website of Mosaic Rebublic. Founder of the gallery that manufactures and imports mosaics is Scaunich Fabian, a former student of the Scuola Mosaicisti del…

Ilana Shafir: spontaneity at its best

Ilana Shafir is an internationally recognized artist from Israel and co-founder of the Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei (AIMC). She was born in former Yugoslavia in 1924 and calls…

minola: Portrait in Motion

minola: Portrait in Motion

This video from minola shows miraculously the process of creating a mosaic portraits. You keep asking yourself who the portrayed person is? The artist herself! She…

Worth reading: portrait about Luca Barberini

A great article about Luca Barberini, co-founder of the studio KOKO Mosaico and award winning artist, can be read in the blog of Michael Turtle.

Micro Mosaic Star: Saad Romany

Micro Mosaic Star: Saad Romany

He lives and works in Cairo and is known for his celebrity portraits: Saad Romany has immortalized Omar Sharif, Queen Elizabeth and Oprah Winfrey…

Ruth Minola Scheibler

Some time ago I had already pointed out the mosaic artist Ruth Minola Scheibler. Now I had the opportunity to lead an interview with her…