#Coronamosaik – creative during the lockdown

Installation: May, 16th – 20th
Inauguration: May, 22th, 4 pm

Finally! We will install the mosaics made at home on a wall of the museum cubus Kunsthalle in Duisburg!

All good things are worth waiting for. The #Coronamosaik project started in April 2020. None of us thought back then that almost two years later we were still dealing with the pandemic. We as the organization team were also slowed down by the strict regulations during the lockdowns. After all, we also wanted to be able to work as a group during the installation.

But now we will bring the variety of mosaics to a wall of the cubus Kunsthalle in May 2022. It is beautifully located in Kantpark next to a playground and has been prepared already.

The lettering #Coronamosaik and some mosaic viruses that were made during a workshop for children are then added to the many detailed scenes inside and outside the stylized houses. We hope that they will report on life in a state of emergency during Corona in the distant future :)

Come and celebrate with us the finalization of the project on 22th of May 2022, 4 pm in Kantpark, Duisburg next to the playground.

Participatory project of the cubus Kunsthalle Duisburg and mused mosaik  

“Creative during the lockdown” is the motto of the non-profit art project that the cubus Kunsthalle and mused mosaik have brought to life. 

In this hands-on project, young and old, become part of a large mosaic that starts at home. After completion in Duisburg, the individual mosaic segments are assembled into one large mosaic and permanently installed. 

Immortalize yourself with your piece of mosaic on a public wall in Duisburg!

All those involved, families or individuals, produce the mosaic from glazed tiles in DINA3 format on reinforcement mesh according to their own design and given framework conditions. A stylized house frames the family members living under one roof: children, grandparents, pets, people who live alone, dogs, cats or mice. In terms of content, these houses turn their hidden interior outwards and thus open themselves up to the viewer. They form a grid and underline the individuality of the individual works in the assembled mosaic picture. 

Surviving the crisis creatively

In times of Corona, you can relax and get creative in your own four walls. It should help to cope with the situation positively and to create a work of art together that will survive the crisis. We at the cubus Kunsthalle Duisburg and mused mosaik hope that the finished mosaic work, as a mirror of our society, will also provide insights into how each individual is and was coping with this exceptional situation of the pandemic.  

+++ Update November 2020 +++
Thank you for taking part!

We have now received all the mosaic sets back and are thrilled! Beautiful, diverse works have reached us and we are already looking forward to installing all the individual parts on the outer wall of the Cubus Kunsthalle.

How to make your piece [participation is closed]


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