Ravenna Mosaico 2015

Every two years in autumn, Ravenna attracts even more mosaic enthusiasts than usual: Ravenna Mosaico, the festival with exhibitions and events opens with a weekend full…

Church mosaics installed in Sardegna

Do you remember my post on the mosaics for the church in Sardinia? Emilie Baudrais and Babylon Mosaic were asked to make 12 floor…

Back to school: Finally in 3rd!

So here I am again back to school, at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, here in small Spilimbergo, not far from Udine and the Carnic Alps to compete…

Thou shalt not…

Anyone out there who can recite to me the 10 commandments? Not sure about them? No worries, me neither.

At sea

What could be more beautiful for a mosaicista in the summer than working on a mosaic made of blues and greens that form a foaming sea and wild waves?

Popup mosaic school – few places left!

You haven’t signed up yet? Get one of the last places to learn more about andamenti, cutting and using different materials and colors in making mosaics!

Saggio finale: Phoenix rising

After cutting the lava stone into chopsticks, cubes and halves, I finally found the form I liked for my final mosaic work of second year.

Mosaic portrait finished!

It really feels like magic when tesserae made of stone begin to form the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and finally the face gets its shape.

3 years anniversary

Thank you for 3 years of reading, commenting and sharing articles, for your feedback and for your ideas!

Final weeks in Spilimbergo

We have been choosing and preparing materials, creating work samples, testing the overall effect: the final mosaic work of the second year is approaching!

A portrait made of marble

Creating a portrait with marble is surely the most fascinating thing I have been doing until now here at the mosaic school in Spilimbergo.

Takako Hirai

Takako’s story is as unique as her works: After studying painting in Hiroshima, she looks for new inspiration, something to enrich her way of working with color….