Mosaic Workshop ‘THE BASICS’

Learn to work efficiently with hammer and hardie, cut different material and arrange it in esthetic andamenti. Build a solid base for your future mosaic works!

Mosaic Workshop ‘THE BASICS’

2 weekends Friday to Sunday (30 hours total)

mused Mosaic Workshop 'The Basics'The course is intended for beginners. But also advanced learners, who want to refine their technique, are welcome. It provides precious basic knowledge based on the traditions of Italian masters and the mosaic history, complemented by the latest insights, tips and tricks from the schools of contemporary mosaics.

In order to explain beginners all the basics with all serenity, the workshop is divided into two sections: there is an exercise part and a part for the realization of a motif.

Part I: Mosaic hammer and andamenti exercises

In this part with drawing exercises and practical exercises, you will learn how andamenti change the expression and harmony of a mosaic. You get acquainted with the correct and efficient handling of the hammer and hardie as well as the laying of the pieces in direct technique. Bit by bit, you will notice how the coarse-looking tool can be used to cut surprisingly fine shapes and little pieces.

What you will learn

  • How do I work efficiently with mosaic hammer and hardie, without creating any muscular tensions?
  • How can I best cut different forms (cube, triangle, etc.) for my mosaic without producing too much waste?
  • What distinguishes the different andamento styles – Roman, Byzantine, modern and contemporary?
  • How can I use andamenti to change the effect of my mosaic?
  • What is the role of the joint in picture composition and harmony?

Part II: Implementation of a motif

In the practical part, we will implement what we have learned with an individual work in direct technique in a format of 30 x 30 cm.

Different motifs are available, own designs can be brought. You can choose from marble and smalti from my collection, own material can be brought.


Miriam Bastisch (1982) has attended the triennal mosaic class at renowned  Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo, Italy.
With her blog, since 2012, she gives practical information on mosaic techniques, presents interviews with prominent and emerging artists from the international mosaic scene and gives insights into the work of mosaic artists. Since 2013, she passes on her knowledge in workshops and classes.


Participation fee: 490,- Euro, including documentation, material and tools. A mosaic hammer should be brought or can be lended (please tell me in your mail).

Vouchers: You would like to give a voucher for a mused workshop as a gift? Just let me know in your email and we will clarify further details.

Languages: German (open to Italian, French and English speakers)

Location: Bright and cosy studio in Düsseldorf


For registration and further information please send me an email. I will then provide you with more information about the booking.


Want to know what the workshop could look like? Click yourself through the photo galleries from the latest workshops: