Participant Feedback

“If you want to learn solid craft from scratch while experimenting with unusual materials and techniques, Miriam is the place to go. Her practical tips may sound weird sometimes, but they work. For example, if I have a particularly unruly stone under the Mosaic Hammer, I remember her ‘exhale’ – and usually it works then.”

Kristina, Bonn

“I can recommend a workshop with Miriam to anyone who is looking for a high level of professional competence, while at the same time being able to convey the mosaic craft in a very relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Certainly not least because of her Neapolitan roots. If you’re looking to learn a lot and have a lot of fun, I think Miriam is one of the best places to go.”

Tina, Osnabrück

“I really enjoyed the course in Sardinia. It was super organized and the idea of ​​offering a half-day course that would allow me to spend my private vacation in the afternoons was optimal. During the course, I had the right mixture of knowledge transfer, advice and freedom to work creatively and try things out with materials and tools that are new to me. I felt that every participant in the mosaic course was followed by Miriam very close and warmly to ensure we took great results home. I especially enjoyed the walk along the beach to collect material on site and deepen the connection between nature, holiday feeling and mosaic, plus the fine supporting program with shared food to get to know and finish the course – I give 5 stars!”

Monika, Schorndorf

“I have already taken several workshops with Miriam. Her courses are as varied as the mosaic art itself, from Roman to modern. From the classic setting of mosaics to experimental work with the daily course was an enrichment. Five stars from me.”

Renate, Egensbach

“I really liked the workshop with Miriam. With her competence and knowledge, she taught us something new about mosaic and helped when she was ‘in need‘, e.g. when a stone did not break for the thousands time where it should! We were a happy troupe and it was certainly not the last workshop with you, dear Miriam.”

Isabelle, Wuppertal

“It was an intense experience to be able to focus on just one project for six days without the usual daily chores. I’m not yet a professional, but after this week, hammer and hardie are so familiar to me that I use them actively in many projects. I really appreciated the detailed explanations on the topics and materials like marble and natural stone, color theory, techniques ect. It was really great to get an answer to every mosaic related question! The preparation was perfect, the individual wishes were fully taken into account.”

Martha, Laax