Family Event: Mosaic making for everyone

Grandpa turns 80, the family meets for the annual gettogehther or you just want to experience something together again? If the excursion to Phantasialand or the canoeing tour on the Niers have already been made, do something different this time!

Together, as a couple, or everyone for themselves?

Project 1: Mosaic mandala

Making mosaic in itself is already very meditative. When you work on a Mandala together, you will see how fast time passes! Working together as a family on a project can unfold unimagined potentials and creates a beautiful feeling of togetherness.

Project 2: Decorate small objects with mosaic

Here, everyone works on his own small project (for example you create a tray, a bowl or a mosaic mirror) or you work on these little projects in pairs. The finished mosaic will give your home a new personal touch.

Project 3: Own design

Maybe you have an own idea in your head that you would like to implement. Your family name, the family tree or Grandma in a portrait? Let me know and we will see how we can do that.

How it works

I’ll guide you through the creative process and show you the most important details of mosaic making – from design to implementation. There is enough space for you to learn, laugh and let go. If you like, I can take some pictures to remind you of that family day.

What does it cost?

For 69,- Euro per person (children and teenagers 39,- Euro), you can work as a group in the studio for 5 hours.

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