Organics reanimated: Pistachio meets cherry

Do you remember my article about the cherry blossom in Spilimbergo? At the very beginning of the training at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, I had gotten my first ciliegia. Ciliegia means cherry. This is what Italians call the little bruise you get when you hit your finger with the (mosaic) hammer.

Ciliegia is also one of the first Italian words that I learned during the lessons with Uncle Dino in Bellaria, during our annual holiday on the Adriatic. I think, I was 14 years old. Uncle Dino is a teacher, and although it was meant to be a rather playful lesson for his non-bilingual nieces, he took his mission very seriously. Tschi-li-ääh-dja, he repeated several times, very stretched and articulated, endeavored to explain the special characteristics of this word.

As you can see, the cherry has been accompanying me for a lot of years on my Italian paths. Now, she has found into my life on other ways: The pits, combined with the already known pistachio shells from the last post and brown and blackberry colored glass, make one of my recent works: Pistacchio Mora.

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