Everything flows: final results of the mosaic workshop “The Grammar II”

Occasional chirping went through the room, when a piece of Venetian glass finally broke where it should. Or a stubborn piece of tile had finally lost its disturbing belly.

In the mosaic workshop last week, robins and other multi-colored birds were formed piece by piece in smalt, marble, ceramics and more. Creating color transitions and contrasts, shaping bodies with andamenti and learning new techniques and methods was part of the workshop.

Highly motivated and in a good mood, my participants started working. After the body had been laid, the birds were placed on their wooden seat.

The gran finale formed the pouring of the background with leveling compound, which is normally used for floors. For this purpose, structures were screwed around the work and finally the honey-like cement mixture was poured into the molds so that the background and the frame were formed from the same material. Depending on the motif, this was dyed or left in neutral gray.

The joy was great, when at the end of the workshop, everyone could admire their final results. I am happy that this time, too, everyone was happy and satisfied and we could work in such a nice atmosphere.

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