I just love them: these moments, when the universe tells me “that’s all right, you’re on the right track”. Just when a bad mood comes around, or even better: when everything feels going right and this moment makes life even better.

Yes, I love these moments. I would almost say I am addicted to them. My favorite moment this week was this:

In front of a cafe I am waiting for my appointment and see one of these book exchange shelves. (The concept is simple: you take a book from such a public library on the street, bring it back later or keep it. In return you put another book on the shelf.)

As my date is late, I walk over and let my eyes gaze over the rows of books that go from a guide about guinea pigs to the typical the Stephen King thriller. Just nothing that arouses my curiosity.

“This cannot be true, there must be something here,” I think, disappointed with the lack of success.

So I continue searching, walk around the shelf several times, read meticulously every title. And there it is: An insignificant book titled Mirjam. Amused, I pull it out between two thick books. Even if my name is written differently, namely Miriam, this is reason enough to be satisfied with my find. Only then, I see the cover picture. It shows a fragment of a floor mosaic of the Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee.

So terrific was this double chance that I almost lost my atheistic attitude. Is someone up there telling me something? And if, what? Smiling about these weird thoughts, I put the book into my bag.

Maybe these magic things happen when you give them the time to happen. If you stop in front of a book shelf you would otherwise have run by.

No, that would be too easy. In the end I believe in a higher power. An energy that holds this world together. Whether it is called God, universe or fate doesn’t really matter to me, as long as it brings moments like this and makes me happy.

Now, I just have to think about what I put back on the bookshelf.


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