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Hey dear ones,

here I am back again. After a short break of reordering, rearriving, installing myself and celebrating some Rhenish Carnival I am back at my laptop – and at my ceppo :)

And to start freshly into this still young year I want to share some news with you, because täÄÄÄTtTterätäÄää …

mused gets new contributors!
Who? Maybe just you!

Previously, it was only my humble self, who has been writing for this blog. At the beginning I wanted it that way, and was always happy with it. In the long run, it can get a bit monotonous to be alone on the editorial front, though (after all, this blog has been online for almost four years now), and it is surely more enriching to interact with others and to bring new perspectives, opinions and knowledge of different mosaic lovers together. Sooooo: It is time for mused to get new authors.

My plan is to build a team of authors that are geographically and thematically widespread to cover the trends and issues in the broad field of mosaic. The input may just be an interesting video, a brief report on an exhibition or a small tutorial. It must not necessarily be about classical mosaic art, but also curiosities and mosaic related subjects are welcome. Your imagination knows no boundaries. The posts should just fit into the mused world and be without any intention of promoting something.

Write regularly or contribute a single guest post? You decide!

In addition to contributions on an irregular basis, there will be a permanent team of authors. I already have some prospects for this editorial team and over the next few weeks I will make a final selection and successively introduce the editors. But there is no application deadline. If you want to write for mused, you can contact me at any time.

Planned are about 1o authors, the regularity of the posts should be about one article per month. These editors get their own short profile with link to their website. We will have an editorial calendar, in which we collect the ideas and articles to publish and will use a platform for regular personal exchange (Skype, Facebook).

At the moment, I am not able to pay anyone of you for your articles. But hey, you love mosaic, otherwise you would not hang around on this page. So why not join this blog as a writer!?

Regularly write for this blog.
Become a mused author:

You are interested to write regularly for mused? Nice!
Let me get to know you a bit better by answering these few questions:

  • Why are you the right person to enrich this blog with words and pictures?
  • What fascinates you about mosaic? What topics in particular?
  • Do you have experience as an (online) editor? Do you have any text samples (if so please send a link list or enclose a PDF)?
  • Are you proficient with WordPress or do you have any experience in dealing with a different Web Content Management System?
  • In what language (GE, EN, IT) and for which region in the world you would like to write for mused?
  • What else do you do in life?

Just send me an email with a few sentences describing you and answering to the above questions to I look forward to hearing from you and building up a colorful team of authors!

The unconventional alternative.
Contribute your ideas spontaneously:

You prefer to give some input without obligation? Then please get in touch with me by sending your concerns, text, image, video link or crazy story to I look forward to reading your input!

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