Bye bye, Spilimbergo

Whenever I feel thwarted in life, I know I need to change something. Some time ago it happenend to me ever more often, during my last year before becoming Maestra Mosaicista, and after many days and nights at the end I took the decision to stop the training at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

I know many of you won’t believe this.
‘How come?! You were already in third!’

Sure, the third and last year was supposed to be the most creative and I had been looking forward to it since the beginning in 2013. Nevertheless: For me it was the right time to leave Spilimbergo. Of course, an exciting program with textures and the playful handling of new material was waiting for me. But as in all the years many hours of the curriculum were wasted on things that weren’t really interesting for me.

I went to Italy because after a straight resume without any gaps, I wanted to finally do something for my own. Learning mosaic from scratch was my first aim, not having the diploma. I would not say that I have finished learning about making mosaic, because in life you never stop learning. But the rhythm of school and my thirst for action simply did not match enough.

Still, for all the input and the valuable knowledge I have received from teachers and students during the last 26 months, I am very grateful. For learning about andamenti, cement mixtures, for the wonderful stock of material, for any rosette I drew in geometrics, every hour in the terrazzo room, for each cherry that I picked in school, every history lesson and each and every exercise on color theory.

Nowhere in the world, a high-quality education in mosaics is offered like in the small village in Friuli. I have to admit though that sometimes (no, actually very often) I wished that the school was in Milan or Rome. But then it wouldn’t be as it is: an institution with a long tradition and important ties to the region.

My training at the scuola may have ended, but the contact to the people I have met there I will keep with joy and I promise to  pass on what I have learned as good as I can.
Maestri and allievi, I will miss you a lot! But I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Maybe even at the next meeting of the international mosaic organization AIMC in May that will be held in Spilimbergo.

What next?

Many things have become clear to me in these two years. For example, that I want to be creative and loose myself in mosaic making, but that I also want to work in the non profit or educational sector.

Of course, these changes mean that the reports about my education in Spilimbergo have come to an end. But I will continue to make mosaic and go on reporting about the subject in this blog. In somewhat modified form, but still in a mused way. Stay tuned!

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    1. says: miriam

      Maedhbh, thank you so much for your nice words! Happy to know you keep following.
      Cheers and all the best for you!

  1. says: Nancie Mills Pipgras

    As Yogi Berra once said, “When you see a fork in the road, take it!” :) I am certain that wonderful mosaic vistas are opening for you and am grateful that you will continue to allow us to follow you along on your journey. Here’s hoping our paths continue to cross as often as possible. Hugs.

    1. says: miriam

      Thank you for your kind words, dear Nancie! I will see for what that fork can be the key :)
      And yes, may our paths cross as often as possible, and who knows where next time! Curious to find out. Until then, take care!

  2. says: Honey

    Miriam, thank you for sharing the life changing news! It was a very big surprise to learn you are leaving the school at Spillimbergo, and I’m sure it must have been a difficult decision to make. Kudos for searching your heart and following the next road to travel. All the best to you. I’ll continue to follow your blog to see what wonderful things life presents to you.

  3. says: David Baron

    A special greeting friend Miriam , good adventure that is your life. I love you want to do educational processes … you come to South America , here we will welcome you with open arms …

    We love the mosaic.

    1. says: miriam

      Thank you, David! Whenever I can make it, I will try to come over and see the wonderful projects you guys work on in South America. Until then, take care!

  4. says: avital

    Wish you luke every way you take/
    I love your blog and I read it constantly,I find your mused way interesting and fresh.
    Be good. Allways.

  5. says: Helen Bodycomb

    Miriam, it has been wonderful to discover your blog and the strength of content. I wish you all the best with your new creative projects post Spilimbergo – but hope to see you there in May 2016. Well done on making difficult decisions.

    1. says: miriam

      Dear Helen, really nice to have you as a reader now :) Thank you for your wishes. Hope to see you at AIMC and soon on Skype. Have a merry Christmas!

  6. says: Dee

    I have truly enjoyed every post your have shared on your wonderful blog. I found the videos of featured artists so interesting and rewarding. Especially the one of Marco De Luca! (I still wish I could understand what was being said or have an English translation or subtitles below, but just seeing the mosaics is so wonderful). I wish you much joy in whatever new direction or path you find in life! I do hope you will continue to share in the future. Best wishes!

    1. says: miriam

      Dee, thank you! I really appreciate your interest for my blog and will work on my promise to add english subtitles to the Marco De Luca video after Christmas. Wishing you the best for the new year! Miriam

      1. says: Dee

        I will look forward to the English subtitles! I hope you have a fantastic 2016 and I hope I am able to meet you in person some day! :-)

  7. Hey Miriam,

    Thank you for your blog and the wealth of information. I am a mixed media artist originally from Morocco and I currently live in the US. I don’t speak Italian and would love to apply for the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. Please advise.


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