Back to school: Finally in 3rd!

So here I am again back to school, at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, here in small Spilimbergo, not far from Udine and the Carnic Alps to compete the final year of the training for Maestra Mosaicista.

How I have been looking forward to this year! From the beginning I wanted to do what I’m doing now: Contemporary works that put the material and the technique itself to the first place. Mosaics made of vibrating textures, mixed materials, rich in all the contrasts that one can imagine. Finally, we take a step ahead to discover new terrains and find our own expression.

We started this year with two large-scale geometric works which are dedicated to the rich and vibrating mix of colors according to the RGB system. The individual rings and squares in the shapes will have different heights and will be slightly tilted to emphasize the game of light and dark in the surface. So we prepared some wooden templates to be sure that all the forms will fit well afterwards and prepared the bases we work on.

In our aula, we are numerous, because my class was united with the former parallel class. So the space is pretty tight and I still have to get used to it.

After some working samples, everyone started creating the first piece with the color gradient according to the design. Maybe they remind you a bit of what we did in my colour and material workshop with Minola recently in Cologne. The surfaces are light, with tesserae tilted in all directions. Even if they follow the andamento of the form, you discover hardly any lines, so that the colors really blend into each other.

What I like a lot so far is that, with my teacher Serena, during all work steps, there is a genuine exchange about ideas, possible problems and solutions: thinset, size of tesserae, working method –everything is discussed and decided in the group. I find this atmosphere very inspiring and guess this year, time will fly even faster than the years before.

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  1. says: Ann Lascaux

    Mosaic art is in Spilimbergo where works are amazing ! I wish you a wonderful 3rd ! Thank you for sharing your passion…

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