How to go with the flow: Andamenti + tools workshop successfully completed

Last week there was a new first time for me: My first time giving a workshop in Germany, along with Ruth Minola Scheibler, about andamenti (the guidelines or the flow of a mosaic) and working with the martellina has ended last friday.

Our students had five days to familiarize with the tool and implement their motive. But before that, there was a theoretical part with historical backgrounds and exercises on different andamenti. Of course, we also explained how to prepare the workplace and use the martellina correctly, as for many participants it was the first time to work with the hammer.

It was really exciting to see how the initial uncertainties regarding the use of the martellina soon vanished and also working with the cement-based adhesive and the mixing of materials and colors always worked better. And when all students had completed their main motive on Friday, Mino and I were very proud of our ‘girls’, who had come not only from all over Germany, but also from Ireland, The Hague and London to join our workshop in Cologne. Each mosaic has its own expression – through individual choice of colors, materials and the way of working. I enjoyed this week a lot and am happy to have accompanied each individual in her project.

Unfortunately, on Friday it was already time to say farewell to our wonderful group, but I am already looking forward to seeing them soon. For two course participants, this soon is really quite soon: they will participate in our next workshop on color and material starting on Monday. I am sure that here again, we will see great results!

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  • The outcomes from this course are just fantastic and do you great credit as instructors, Miriam and Ruth. You chose wonderful subjects for your students to select from, the organization is so clear in the photographs and the materials you made available were just delicious! I think you are going to become very popular very soon! Brava!

    • Thank you Nancie! Nice that you can see those details in the photos. In fact, it was great to prepare everything from the subjects and the theory to the practical part and choosing the materials. And seeing the outcome after 5 days was just stunning!

  • fabulous work – I love the different textures – presumably you didn’t use grout for the ‘go with the flow’ projects but just added the marble, smalti etc to an adhesive base?

    • Hey Christine, exactly! we didn’t use any grout but let the tesserae ‘breathe’ by placing them directly into a bed of cement adhesive base. Grouting them would take away the glow of the smalti and the wonderful texture and the play of light and shadow that comes with the spaces between the different pieces.

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