Thou shalt not…

Anyone out there who can recite to me the 10 commandments?

Not sure about them? No worries, me neither. And for the second mosaic I have been working on for Emilie Baudrais and Babylon Mosaic it was more important to be versed in mosaic technique, choice of color and creating contrasts.

As the subject of the recent work, I worked in direct technique. The 50×50 cm large surface is plane, since the mosaic will be integrated in the floor of a new church built in Sestu, Sardinia.

Once I get photos of the installed work that includes 12 mosaics, I’m going to post them here.

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  1. says: Kate Rattray

    Hi Miriam, It looks like you are using plastic under the adhesive to see the cartoon underneath, and you say you are working direct with wedi as a base. So will you put plastic on the top, take off the plastic at the bottom and adhere the whole thing to the wedi board? Thank you.

    1. says: miriam

      Hey Kate, yes exactly we first work on the adhesive. When the cement is dry, we take off the adhesive and adhere the mosaic to the wedi base which will be placed in the pavement.

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