3 years anniversary

May is a special month for me, because it is the month when some time ago I posted the first article here on mused. Who has been following this blog since the beginning perhaps remembers the other appearance, the first article, the first video. Since then a lot has happened. And the blog and I, we have become one, so to speak. He is and remains my baby that I love very much. Even if – I admit – in some moments (for example if the technology goes on strike or I have to translate a superlong text again, because I tend to write more than I plan to) it makes me curse a lot. But I guess that only shows how important it is to me that the blog grows well-fed and strong.

From the beginning I was very dedicated to it, but only now I realize what difference this website can make. That it makes a difference. Every artist I present here, each tutorial and each article give mosaic a face. And that’s what this wonderful craft needs: visibility. Who has never seen how mosaic is made today, what range of materials and techniques it offers will not understand the fascination of a mosaic artist and probably not come up with the idea to buy a mosaic himself. In contrast, those who have once held a mosaic hammer in their hand, who have watched how a piece of marble or glass gets cut, who have touched the surface of a mosaic, they remain without words.

That’s why I carry on making interviews and videos and reporting about what I learn in school and outside.

Every like, every comment and every single mail I receive from you is like Christmas for a child. Because then I know that I reach you readers, that the hours that I spend in front of this laptop are invested well. Therefore, I would like to thank you: For 3 years of reading, commenting and sharing articles, for your feedback and for your ideas.

You keep this blog going!


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  1. says: Dee

    Your videos (especially if they are translated into English) are some of the most inspiring and informative that I have viewed. Your tutorials have helped me on my mosaic art journey! I recently gave a presentation to a local artist Guild, of which I am a member. I shared your video and website about why we make mosaics. I am the only mosaic artist in the Guild and the other members (painters and sculptors) found it fascinating. Thank you for being an important part of the mosaic world.
    My only small request would be if you could have the Marco De Luca video translated into English (add subtitles). He is one of my favorites and I’d love to be able to fully comprehend the video. .

    Congratulations on 3 years!

    1. says: miriam

      Thank you for your comment, Dee! It is really nice to hear that my videos inspire you and also people who normally don’t have anything to do with mosaic art. Thank you for sharing them! I am sorry that the video about Marco De Luca is still without english subtitles. I will work on that as soon as I am on holidays. It definitely deserves a translation, because what he says is really poetical. I will let you know when the english CC Version is online.
      Cheers, Miriam

  2. says: Nirit Keren

    Dear Miriam, I enjoy reading each and every blog entry, following your path in becoming a professional artist. I understand the excitement and joy!!!
    Congratulations for the anniversary, keep up with the good work, you are a source of inspiration for many people (including some of my students (-:)

    1. says: miriam

      Dear Nirit, thank you for your kind words. It is nice that you keep following my blog posts. And thank you also for your congratulations, I will surely go on. Greetings also to your students :-)

  3. says: Dee

    Thanks you so much for responding, Miriam, and for indicating that there may be an upcoming English translation of the Marco De Luca video. How exciting!!! I know you have been extremely busy, and time is limited, so I don’t want you to have any additional pressure. When your time permits for a translation, I will gratefully look forward to it. Best wishes!

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