Final weeks in Spilimbergo

Slowly, the 2nd year of formation here in Spilimbergo is coming to an end. Only 4 weeks are left until the end of the semester and we are already in the middle of the preparations for the saggio finale, the final mosaic work of this year. The motto this time is: Stammi lontano! Stay away from me! Our motif shall be perceived only from a certain distance, the tesserae themselves being like big pixels.

What material and technology we want to use is completely in our hands, but we need to submit our concept already some time before we will be working full-time on the mosaic. Therefore, we have been  choosing and preparing materials, creating work samples, testing the overall effect, and will soon bring the whole plan down on paper.

Talking about the saggio finale, this is the right moment to complement this blog with a picture: Some time ago, at home, I completed my final mosaic work from the 1st year of training with Elena Pauletto, a section of the Asaraton from Aquileia. Here you can find all pictures to the creation of the work.


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