Help this blog win an award!

The online voting for the German award Dein Weg for people who changed their life to follow their passion has started. Give me your voice and help this blog win the competition!

The German insurance company ERGO supports entrepreneurs with the award Dein Weg. The one whose story is most voted from 17 to 28 November 2014, receives 5,000 Euros for his project. The second gets 2,500 €, the places from 3 to 10 get 500 Euros.

With mused and my blogpost Why I changed 9 to 5 with a mosaic hammer, I am among the 20 finalists and thus only a step away to win the award.


How it works

1) vote via Facebook profile

– login to Facebook
– go to
– click on button “Registrierung mit Facebook”
– click “OK” in facebook popup window
– search for my article “Miriam Bastisch: Wieso ich…”
– click “Abstimmen” below the article

Need some pictures to understand better? Watch this manual with some screenshots!

2) vote via email registration

– go to
– type in email adress, choose a password, repeat password, click on “Registrierung mit Email”
– type in first name, last name, email adress, accept the terms and conditions, click on “Registrierung abschliessen”
– open email by ERGO in your mail program and open link “Anmeldung bestätigen” in the email
– click on “Zur Startseite”
– search for my article “Miriam Bastisch: Wieso ich…”
– click on “Abstimmen” below the article

IMPORTANT NOTE: The voting via email is only complete if you have opened the link in the email!

Don’t understand? See this short manual with some screenshots.

Why you should vote for this blog

Because winning the award would mean getting new mused readers and a wider audience. Because it can help me and many other mosaic artists to live from our passion. Because I would use the money to expand the blog and to make it become a real platform for mosaic enthusiasts.

And: With your vote, you help me to realize my dream! Mosaic art fascinates me every day and I want to continue to share this fascination with others. So: Please be so kind and vote for me now, it takes only 2 minutes!

Help me collect more votes!

Imagine that each of you shared this article and I gained 10 more votes per person! That would be amazing and is certainly possible! To share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter & Co., just click on one of the buttons above or choose the social network scrolling to the end of this article.



On 31 November 2014, the winner of the voting will be announced.
Until then, I want to say ‘thank you’ for your support by voting and spreading the info!

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