Back to school: the second year in Spilimbergo has started!

After 4 months of summer holiday, the last Monday the school bell rung again. I am in the second year of training at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. And on the curriculum are Byzantine style, portrait and 3D work.

All this led to my new class teacher Evelina della Vedova, expert in the field of mosaic portrait.

After the simple Roman style in the first year of formation under Elena Pauletto, with its flat surface and uniform joints, it is now all about vibrating surfaces with sometimes imperfect material. No tesselatum with mostly squared tesserae any more, but irregular shaped tesserae that reflect the light through different inclinations.

In the coming months, we will be using much gold and smalts. But this week, the 11 of us (of 17 students who started in the first year) first worked on some simple exercises to get used to the Byzantine method. As you might remember, I already worked on a Byzantine mosaic at Babylon Mosaic, but in contrast to the way we work in school, its surface is much more irregular.

Next week we start a large-scale project – in cooperation with the parallel class!

Vi faccio sapere!

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  • Hi,

    A question on photo 7th -at least as shown in my computer screen-, it is the photo showing on the left a hammer and a vertical row of three papers, could you explain the content of the bottom page containing two big squares and a red ink explanation ? Are they templates for tessare distribution ? I notice you followed the left template for your first funny bird last year. My eyes seem to read something about roman and bizantine but the funny bird was not roman, so i’m very puzzled ! Thanks in advance for any detailed information.

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