mused featured in Mosaique Magazine

Surely you know the print magazine Mosaique Magazine. The French-language journal (with English translation as a booklet) is published twice a year and presents emerging and established artists, projects, exhibitions and much more in the field of mosaic.

In the latest and newly printed edition n. 8 June, an article was published about mused. And I think:

C’est magnifique!

Sincere thanks go to Britta Kuth, the German correspondent of the magazine, for writing the article.

If you would like to order the latest edition, go to the website


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  1. says: Luis

    Congratulations Miriam.
    Your passion for mosaic art is contagious and your generosity is beyond words.
    All the very best for the future and I look forward to hearing from you and your new adventures as your journey into the world of mosaic art deepens.

    1. says: miriam

      Thank you so much Luis! The mosaic journey continues and I will come along with new stories. And am very happy to have people like you at my side who motivate me and follow my posts!
      Best wishes

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