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My ticket Dusseldorf – Bordeaux for the 7th of July is booked and I am so happy! During my free summer months I will help out Emilie Baudrais in her studio in Blaye near Bordeaux!

What this means for me: first experience in giving mosaic lessons and participating in real commissions. And all of that in a beautiful setting. Emilie, who has completed her training as a Maestra Mosaicista in 2010, has her studio in the Citadel of Blaye, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. Furthermore, the Atlantic sea is not far away and I guess everyone knows that the area is renowned for its wines.

Another interesting fact: In the surroundings of Emilie’s studio (approx. 3 km) you can find the Roman Villas and the Gallo-Roman Museum of Plassac. Remains of splendor villas from the 1st – 5th century, with mosaics, pottery, jewelry and ceremonial objects. The museum shows the simulated 3D rendering of the villa. In July new mosaics from the latest excavations are exposed to the public.

If you have some free days left this summer: come and visit us!

Find more informations on the region Gironde on these websites:

This is what you can expect this summer at Babylon Mosaic:

My mosaic workshops

Roman mosaic beginner workshop

You learn how to use the martellina and cut different types of marble. During the course you work on a typical roman mosaic using the direct method.
Course length: 12 hours, (3 hours on 4 days, exact dates to be fixed according to your preferences)
Course fee: 110 €
Costs for the use of material and a technical guide are covered by the course fee.

Mosaic workshop for children and teenagers (7 years and older)

Using mosaic nippers we work on a small mosaic. Materials as industrial glass, seashells, pebbles, and everything that the young mosaicists would like to use are arranged and glued letting everyone follow its intuition.
Course duration: 3 hours
Course fee: 35 €
Costs for the use of material are covered by the course fee.

Emilie’s mosaic workshops

Besides weekly courses for beginners and experienced people Emilie offers two special workshops this summer:

8th – 14th September 2014 (Monday to Sunday)
Andamenti Workshop
You learn how to translate a design into correct andamenti. According to the technique you implement different rules and thus create a mosaic with esthetic lines.
Course duration: 50 hours
Course fee: 550 €
Costs for the use of material and a technical guide are covered by the course fee.

16th – 20th September 2014 (Tuesday to Saturday)
Mosaic textures – 3D Workshop
In this course, you learn how to create vibrant surfaces that remain textures of clothes. Lightness, structure, patterns and transparency are themes of this course.
Course duration: 40 hours
Course fee: 460 €
Costs for the use of material and a technical guide are covered by the course fee.

Opening hours Babylon Mosaic Studio

Every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 12:30 am and  2:00 to 6:00 pm. Drop in to book a course or just visit the studio!


If you are interested in one of the mentioned courses let me know via the contact form. Please tell me which course you would like to book and when you can come to Blaye. We will contact you then for further details.


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Know more about Emilie Baudrais and Babylon Mosaic on her school profile her in the blog at

Photos Blaye by Txaro Franco at Flickr

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