Theme of the final mosaic work revealed!

So, that’s it for now for this year’s exams. After a packed week with final tests in all subjects we are heading to the last school week here in Spilimbergo.

All of us were excited to finally know the theme of the Saggio Finale, the final mosaic work of this year. Today it was finally time. And I ‘m really happy about our subject: It is an excerpt from the Asaroton in Aquileia. You might remember my post about the city and its treasures. There you can also see some pictures of the also called pavimento non spazzato, the non swept floor. It is one of my favorites among the ancient mosaics. So for me, the first year here in Spilimbergo could not be completed in a better way.

To have everything prepared for the start on Monday today everyone went to search material today to define an appropriate color  range for the copy. So the Laboratorio was turned upside down and searched for matching colors. Which wasn’t that easy, because as an opus vermiculatum the mosaic has quite a variety of colors.

We will not copy the mosaic in original size, but in about 2:1, in direct method. To complete the work, we have 5 days  (38 hours in total). All mosaics finished in this period (which is usually doesn’t happen to many) and are executed in a good manner have the chance to be selected as best work of the class. And win a cash prize with allows to pay the fee for the next semester. In any case, in contrast to most other works, we can keep the mosaics for ourselves.

Monday will start with a joyful cutting of material before starting with the laying of fish, egg and other details. To set the mood I will have myself a nice grilled bream on Sunday evening.

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