A very special Madonna

I am not religious. And still I am in love with a Madonna. I stood like a set piece for a long time admiring her when she was half finished on my first visit here in school in September last year. And now she is beautifully completed. The mosaic portrait interpreting the Madonna del cardellino by Giambattista Tiepolo (1696–1770) from 1760 was started as final work in 2nd grade by the student Marielle Bonetti from Brazil last year.

The work combines stones with great red and pink color shades with smalts, marble, ceramic and more. As you may see on the photos, there is a play with different hights which makes the scarf and the whole face very plastic and touchable. That’s all I say. Watch the beauty of technique, texture and mix of materials by yourself!

Great work, Marielle Bonetti!
Best wishes to you and your twin sister Michelle for your last months here at school!


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  • Exquisite and absolutely flawless! The landscape created through such sensitive use of cutting, colour and media allows you can really loose yourself withing such perfection in spite of our feeling towards the subject matter. Like yourself, I am not particularly keen on religious iconography.
    I looks forward to seeing more of what such promising artist will achieve.
    Please forward my most sincere congratulations to Marielle.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Dear Luis, I agree: the sensitivity in Marielle’s work is amazing. I will keep in touch with the artist and am curious also for myself what she will be working on in future. I will pass on your wishes!

  • Using materials in this manners allows to catch the light in amazing ways, it brings great depth and beauty to that piece. For this reason I will not polish anymore of my mural pieces. But I wonder about the maintenance. On a flat piece, if dust collects, you just wipe it out. Not so here.
    I suppose you just need to protect her from dust !
    This is absolutely amazing.

    • Thanks for your comment, Frederic! Yes, in fact the depth and beauty of this piece captures you vagabonding and loosing yourself in this magnificent work.
      Polishing can be useful to create a used look when copying roman mosaic pavements. But I totally agree that the natural surface of a mosaic is the most beautiful. It is the material that counts in mosaic and polishing it to me seems like a crime.
      Considering the maintenance: I think you can also wipe out this one.

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