This went pretty fast: Half of my first year here in Spilimbergo is over. On Monday we received our report cards. Or rather the grades were exhibited in the hall. Kind of funny somehow, to look again on such a list, and seek my own name. I’m quite happy, even if I find the grades less important than the practical tips when working.

Because of the cut in the curriculum we have also completed most works I have reported of so far. Among them the first exercise in rovescio su carta and the geometric mosaic in Roman technique. Photos will follow!

Now we restart the second half which will end in May and leave us with 4 months of summer break. Since then, some great works are waiting for us, including the saggio finale, the final mosaic work in the last week of May. I’m excited!

spilimbergo_quadrimestre_02 spilimbergo_quadrimestre_04

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