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Today I would like to focus on a topic related to mused itself. As you may know, this blog is online since May 2012. It was started in German with the aim to offer an online source with comprehensive information on mosaic art and craft giving room to creatives, lovers and organizers to share ideas. In a few months a lot has happened and the blog has evolved steadily. New areas, a fresher design, the English and Italian language versions and new post formats have been added.

As long as it was my hobby and I was able to finance  it with my own resources, I strictly rejected advertising on the blog. Now, it is no longer a hobby but a part of me. As a student at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli I must plan my free time well to continue my work for the blog. With a lot of new content planned for the future, mused will continue to grow. And since money is not falling from the sky, I decided recently to start cooperating with companies. Partners can be online stores that have to do with mosaic, mosaic manufacturers of related products, museums, etc. From small ads up to sponsored posts I offer many opportunities for cooperation. In the German version of this blog you already find small banners in the navigation at the right.

But do not worry: you will be save from annoying bling-bling banners and in-text advertising in blog articles. For your joy of reading and exploring new content shall not be disturbed in any case. The company related content must fit to you readers. Therefore, I choose the partners wisely and consider a cooperation only if I see a real value for you. Simple advertising blog posts about companies or their products are absolutely taboo for me.

You have questions or comments concerning advertising on mused or a collaboration idea? Let me know in the comment area below!

Talking about support: If you would like to contribute to mused yourself, find out more here.


Photo: Shohei Hanazaki

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    1. says: miriam

      Thanks Luis, good to hear that my decision is understandable! And I am sure you won’t feel a great difference because like I said I will choose partners and design wisely. Should you ever feel annoyed, please let me know.

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