Teamwork I

This week we had a little rearrangement in our classroom. Because after a few weeks at your own desk we have now started our first group work. We are working on a reproduction of a Roman mosaic – or better: a part of it – which is exhibited in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. For this purpose, tables, chairs and ceppi were moved so that we can work in groups of two or three on the different parts of the mosaic.

Each of us thus contributes a part of the mosaic that at the end will be about 3 meters long. The individual “signature” should not be visible. But after nearly 11 weeks, I guess, it is normal that you can see the different working styles (and I wonder if it’s really possible to hide these differences, if you’re not always changing seats from time to time).

The andamenti of the peacock, the surrounding plants and other details are roughly indicatet and guide us through the work. As for the colors and shapes of the tessere, we focus on photographs of the original. It’s nice to see the work grow.

Next week you can take a look in the other classrooms. Then I will show you what the second and third year of training looks like.

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