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Dear Readers,

I know when I’m sitting at my school desk, highly concentrated, with headphones in my ears, I look it as if I do not want to be disturbed. But actually, I only try to drown out the annoying radio station which I would otherwise have to listen to during the mosaic lessons. With advertising jingles, repeating chart songs and yelling radio hosts I am not able to concentrate. So I prefer to listen to my own song selection.

So if you should visit the school some time in future and drop by in the classroom of the IB , then please interrupt me in my work ! I am always glad to meet you blog readers personally. You can also contact me in advance and we arrange to meet so that I can show you around.

It was a very kind e-mail which prompted me to point this out. The polite message sender detected me in class, but did not dare to interrupt me at work.

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