From rovescio to roman

This week I completed my first official work, a mosaic in indirect technique. I will show you the final result another time though, because we have not yet brought the mosaic on the final ground. So I could only show photos from the back so far.

Once accustomed to the accurate millimeter precise work of the indirect method (where you may not see any interstice) this week everything had to be done in another way: Please do not be too precise, let there be some room between the tesserae in this work that should not be too regular. We are making a mosaic in Tecnica romana, the direct method used from early times.

Before we will start a “real” work, there was a little exercise this week to prepare for the new circumstances. And that’s good, because I really have to get used to this new freedom of direct laying first. After almost 4 weeks of cutting triangles, rectangles and pentagons as required, here you can prepare the tesserae more relaxed. And the best thing is that you can see directly how the mosaic looks like.

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  1. says: Gabby Martínez

    Gracias por compartir. Me interesa todo respecto a mosaicos. Así es que estaré atenta a recibir lo que tengan.



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