Ravenna Mosaico: Impressions I

My trip to Ravenna last weekend was very exciting. Not only because of the many great mosaics. People from all over the world that I knew only from the internet popped in at many locations. I am pleased to put the names of many people with a face now. Here are a few exhibitions that I loved.

Soffio, CaCO3

On the issue of CaCO3 with the title Soffio in the Museo Nazionale di Ravenna I was very pleased . The works allude to the slow process , change the ” hint ” , steadily with the natural elements of rock and other material . Aniko Ferreira da Silva , Giuseppe Donnaloia and Pavlos Mavromatidis , all three graduates of the Scuola di Ristauro in Ravenna, playing since 2006 with the tendency of individual tesserae and have invented their very own mosaic grammar. Interesting effects arise additionally by using different materials. If you can not find the Sala delle tecniche on the first floor, ask yourselves through.

CaCO3 - Soffio
“Soffio #1” – CaCO3

Da una lus vecia, Marco De Luca

In the beautiful locations Giardini Pensili and Cripta Rasponi you can see some masterpieces by De Luca, who I met some time ago for a video interview. The interplay of his work with its surroundings really captured me!

“Le quattro stagioni” – Marco De Luca

Segnali dal limite, Andrej Koruza

Andrej Koruza stands out with its installation very much at the festival. The installation plays with the rules of mosaic. Tessera, fuga and movimento receive new aesthetics by the use of unusual materials and stunning mechanics. Chaos and order merge and it is a bit as if the pieces wanted to break out of the whole. The equipment is awesome, as is the concept behind it. I’ll report more soon on the artist who is from Slovenia and completed the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in 2007.

Segnali dal limite - Andrej Koruza
“Segnali dal limite” – Andrej Koruza

GAEM – Giovani Artisti e Mosaico

The exhibition in the mar shows the 10 works that made ​​it into the final round of the competition. This time also Mosaizm. Their installation Gallaxizm is a tribute to the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna. While one looks up at the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site at a byzantine starry sky, which stands for the divine and salvation, in the installation of the GAEM nominees thousands of stones reflect light and thus get us closer to the supernatural. The mosaic tiles in the dark room are barely perceptible – and nevertheless have an important function.

Gallaxizm - Mosaizm
“Gallaxizm” – Mosaizm

The microcosm of Gallaxizm also illustrates very well the relationship of the Mosaizm members in the real world. Scattered in Italy , France, Germany and Croatia each of them lives and works in a different environment. Which itself is often a source of inspiration for the group. Playing with joint and space, with light reflective and sound – noise from the outer space recorded by the NASA – is mesmerizing.
The two GAEM winners will be announced during the festival. The selected works will continue to be on display in the museum mar, in the permanent exhibition.

Opere dal Mondo

The diversity of contributions by 35 artists from around the world is amazing. Techniques, materials and themes are very different and worth seeing. Especially great were the works of Francesco Paci (Italy), John Sollinger (USA), Marcela Torrealba Delgado (France) and Olivier Perret (France).

The festival runs until 24th November and there are still many exciting events to come. I will continue to report.

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