1000 kilometers, not one meter of traffic jam. My trip from Dusseldorf to Spilimbergo was very easy. After some days I know every street of the village. I still have to get used to living in a little village. But feels good to be here.

Of course I have already visited the school. Walking through it, I sometimes had to pinch myself. And say: No, Miriam, this is not a vacation. You will actually sit on one of these antique school desks soon. Midst of many great works that have left other students. Feels great – and very unreal.

I can’t wait until Monday when the semester starts. Until then, I have a few days to explore the area at leisure. And to know my dear host family better, where I can live graciously until I find a roommate.

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  1. Hi Miriam …. you are lucky to be in Spilembergo! Enjoy the course. A Greek friend of mine, Despina, and I, have been thinking about going to do the course there. We would be interested in your experience.

    Despina and I are in Ravenna for the Mosaic Festival … don’t want to give the dates in public, so would you email me privately if you are going to be in Ravenna and perhaps we can meet for espresso??

    1. says: miriam

      hello Brenda, sure let’s meet. Although my experiences will only consist of some first impressions :-) I hope to be in Ravenna for the festival. I’ll write you an email now.

  2. says: Pysanky Pittsburgh

    This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing all of the cool pictures and your experiences and thoughts along your journey. I look forward to reading more!

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