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I already informed on Facebook, now it’s time to tell you here: – my baby – is now online since May 2012. For a blog that is rather the stage of making first steps. But since the first article I’ve already met many interesting people who have told me about her enthusiasm for mosaics. From what drives them every day and what touches them. And I am lucky if some of you have gained new perspectives and information on arte musiva with this website.

Even if the blog is still in its infancy and a lot is to be optimized: since I started to report on mosaic and also learn the techniques myself, wonderful things happen to me constantly. Small and big coincidences which show me that I am on the right track.

Soon live from Spilimbergo

And that has prompted me to fully devote my attention to mosaic. So that my hands get away from the keys of my laptop and camera more often to feel glass and marble, Martellina and tongs. Or rather, to combine the theoretical side of my blog with more mosaic practice.

So I give up my main job and start my three year training at the traditional Scuola Mosaicsiti del Friuli in Spilimbergo to become a mosaic maker. What awaits me there, and what I am going to do afterwards? I can’t tell yet. That would be boring. I just see what is going to happen and I am totally excited :-).

New section Spilimbergo 24/7

If you want to keep track of my experience as a mosaic student, just follow the new section Spilimbergo 24/7. Every Friday I write about my personal experiences there. And of course, I will let you know about tips and tricks that come along my way, too.

Topic suggestions welcome

Since I am going to be your so to speak northern Italy correspondent soon: Do you have any topics that you are heavily interested in? Tell me! I will try to fulfill your topic wishes.

In case you want to wish me well: I appreciate lots of “In bocca al lupo!” (Into the wolf’s mouth!) and answer “Crepi!” (Let him die!). This is an Italian proverb, inspired by Grimms’ Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you!

Photo: Gerard Stolk

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  1. says: Boris

    Mutiger Schritt, Gratulation, Miriam!! Und wenn irgendwo, dann Spilimbergo. Viel Spaß und guten Start! Gruß, Boris

    1. says: miriam

      Danke dir Boris! Habe lange nachgedacht, ob ich nach Ravenna oder Spilimbergo gehen soll. Am Ende ist es Spili geworden. Und ich fühle mich sehr wohl mit der Entscheidung. Warst du selbst schon mal dort?
      Viele Grüße, Miriam

  2. says: Zuleika Beyruth

    I’m from Brazil, and I love mosaic! Thank You for sharing your experience, so we can learn more! It is very nice to read your Blog.

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