Greet Weitenberg

Amsterdam, a small street in the lively Jordaan district. Here Greet Weitenberg has her studio, which is at the same time gallery and classroom. Depending on what is going on – an exhibition, a mosaic course or creative work – Greet simply moves the furniture. Previously, the space on the ground floor of a typical narrow canal house was a storage. Together with her husband Niels and some helping hands Greet tore out walls, routed cables, installed a small kitchen. One can well imagine what it looks like here, when there is a lot of visitors.

Some of the artist’s works, who was a teacher and worked with ceramics before  making mosaic, hang on the whitewashed walls. If one looks closer it is immediately apparent that Greet likes to play with various substrates. Mosaic on canvas or stretched on a wooden frame work with cord. Or even self modeled substrates made of cement. Greet enjoys giving traditional materials such as glass and marble or found objects such as shark teeth or desert roses a rightful basis.

Actually from Friesland, Greet has been living in Amsterdam for many years. And is very active in the local art scene. With the KunstEilanden Amsterdam for example, a group of artists whose studios are open to visitors every second Sunday of the month. From the exchange with other artists and visitors the Dutch artist draws inspiration. And now and then she surprises a visitor with what contemporary mosaic art can be.

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