Isidora Paz López new Chile project: Meet & Greet in Ravenna

Puente Alto - Ausschreibung 2014

In 2012, she has become known across the country’s borders with her major project. Because it shows high quality work and is a role model. Together with 120 helping hands, among them artists as well as laymen, Isidora Paz López embellished Puente Alto with colorful mosaics. More specifically, 84 pillars of metro line 4 which connects the 500,000 city with the metropolis of Santiago de Chile. The concrete piers were transformed into brilliant artworks that show the flora and fauna of the region, home to many endangered plant and animal species.

Teamwork 2012: Gargantuan project on 84 pillars

Working on 3000 m² in half a year, organization and logistics were a true tour de force. Therefore Isidora and her helpers invented a system. Each column was assigned a kind of manager who distributed the tasks and kept an eye on the time schedule.

Per column 16 workers were engaged for 2 weeks. And all that in rainy weather, cold and in the blazing sun, partly on scaffolding. While the intricacies of the central motifs were implemented by experienced hands, the mosaic novices took over the rougher areas of the background. The tiles were all tailored locally. Hard to believe when you see the delicate forms of the tiles.

New project in January 2014

Neither Isidora nor the city of Puente Alto seem to get enough of public works of this caliber. Therefore, the mayor has decided to sponsor a new project in January 2014. This time, 60 artists will participate – 10 of them from Chile, the rest from all over the world. What exactly will be covered with mosaic has not been revealed yet. What is clear is that the team will be working two weeks, from 13th to 24th January. In addition, each participant will be rewarded with 1000 USD.

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Team 2014: Meet & Greet with Isidora in Ravenna

Easy to imagine that the right chemistry among team members is an important ally for a work of this size. Therefore, Isidora and her husband Chris Lukhaup have organized a meet and greet in Ravenna. During the festival Ravenna Mosaico you can meet the Chilean mosaic enthusiasts personally. So if you are interested to participate in this great project, this is certainly a good opportunity to introduce yourself. Each mosaic artist can apply for participation.

Meet & Greet with Isidora Paz López
12th/13th October 2013
Ostello Galletti Abbiosi, Via di Roma, 140, 48121 Ravenna
Further details on the event follow.[/box]


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  1. says: Sebastíán

    Hola, te habla un puentealtino agradeciendo la labor hecha en nuestra comuna, ya que es un agrado ir en la micro mirando esos hermosos mosaicos hechos. En mi opinion personal el mejor es el que esta en estación Sotero del rio, pero en general todos están bonitos. Gracias.

    1. says: miriam

      Hola Sebastíán, gracias por tu comentario. No hablo espagnol, but I think what you are saying is that you find the mosaics from the project of last year very beautiful and like the one at estación Sotero del rio most? I find them all so beautiful and could hardly say which one I like the most. Hope to see them with my own eyes one day. Saludos, Miriam

  2. says: Abu Baker Mukasa

    Would like to commission mss Isidora at a spa project in Africa. Can you please make the connection. Thank you

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