Jason Mecier

You should listen to your grandmother more often. Grandmas are usually wise people. This seems also the case regarding the grandmother of Jason Mecier. Her name was Anita Tollefson. Herself being an artist she told little Jason who often sat on the chair next to her when she worked something like “Jason, you can make something beautiful things out of everything that surrounds you. You do not need any canvas. Just look what’s around you and make something of it”.

Mrs Tollefson would rather have painted on a pack of cigarettes than to buy expensive material in art supplies, says Mecier. And so he took her as an example and began to use bamboo, beans, pasta and everything else he found at home to make images out of it.

Today, a long list of celebrities sends her waste to Mecier to be eternalized with their own every day remains. True to the motto “Tell me what you use and I’ll tell you who you are” Mecier recycles these objects. In the work showing Lindsay Lohan empty liquor bottles stick next to smoking cessation tablets, handcuffs and tampons.

Jason Mecier - Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan and Jasons’ creative place
Cigarettes and alcohol – Trash Portrait of Lindsay Lohan by Jason Mecier

Even Jason’s website is trashy. If you ever feel like sending him a junk package to San Francisco, you can find a short guide there telling you what stuff to choose. Good old Jason appears to be showered with such amounts of garbage that he won’t accept anything that doesn’t fullfill these rules.

Jason Mercier Update
When it comes to trash Jason is very particular.

What’s next?

Dear Jason, for your next celebrity portrait I would suggest to choose Jason MeRcier, your namesake with additional “R” in his surname. He is a professional poker player and lives in Hollywood. I guess your grandma could offer a few cards. Don’t grandmothers always play cards?

Jason Mecier on Art or Not?

Some galerists and critics reluctantly classify Mecier’s mosaics as art. According to Mat Gleason for example Mecier’s work is gimmick art that his grandmother could do (many grandmothers around in this article). What is your opinion? Is this gimmick or high art?


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