The Art House Hove

There are people who love winter. And there are people who are glad when it’s over. You belong to the second species? Here is my suggestion for enjoying the first sunrays of the year at the sea.

The Art House Hove might be the place to go if you agree on some points of this checklist.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton.
  • I love walks on the beach.
  • I like tasteful, colorful interiors.
  • I want to make a mosaic course.

The owner of the Bed & Breakfast in Hove is a mosaic artist. Elizabeth de Ath has studied textiles and ceramics in London until she discovered her love for mosaic art. And that can be felt and seen in every single room. Sometimes it’s the floors, sometimes a mirror or even a piece of furniture that is provided with decorative patterns and colors.

For 15 years Liz has been creating mosaics for public spaces and giving courses for companies, schools and individuals. “Mosaic is like meditation,” she says.

Would like to relax, too? Then pack your stuff!

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