How it all began

My fascination with mosaics began with its smallest element: the stone itself. That was on a day in spring 2007 during my studies in Naples, when I lay on the beach in Ischia with my feet stretched into the sea. Tiles with twining patterns and different structures were scattered around there. Sand and salt had formed them into beautiful unique pieces. I was looking for a personal gift for my sister’s wedding – so they finished in my 42 kilos of luggage for the returning flight to Germany with the scope make a mosaic frame from it.

I made the mosaic frame and was really happy with the result.  After my return to Germany my thesis had prior attention, though. My idea to go on with the mosaic thing somehow got lost because of the impending deadline.

Some months ago I remembered this experience and made some research on the web. And with the progression of internet I suddenly found information on mosaic I had not seen during my stay in Italy. The variety of mosaic art had infected me and I decided to take some mosaic courses.

Since then, various events have awakened my fascination for mosaic art again and I am dealing with it whenever I find the time. 

In this blog I want to share my daily experiences with mosaic art with you and inform you about artists, exhibitions, projects, workshops and other news. Thus, I wish to promote mosaic art and boost the dialogue about it.

What do you wish to read in this blog? Are there certain topics that interest you most?

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