Emilie Baudrais

Last week I met Emilie Baudrais, a young French artist who studied at the University of Plastic Arts in Bordeaux. After graduating, she was looking for a new dimension to give her work even more expression. So she finally decided to go to Italy for an education at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

Today she appreciates the mosaic more than ever for the opportunity to create unusual color depth and brilliance, and to play with different textures. Her opulent works mix diverse materials such as smalti, Venetian gold, pearls, pebbles, wood, metal and blown glass. They seem to literally vibrate.

Pavone, Emilie Baudrais
“Pavone” (2010), 75 × 40 cm, Venetian smalti, blown glass, © Emilie Baudrais
Pappagallo, Emilie Baudrais
“Pappagallo” (2010), 40 x 57cm, Venetian smalti and gold, blown glass, copper, glass, marble, © Emilie Baudrais

“If a mosaic has been created with great care and devotion, in my eyes it is far more valuable than a painting. An experienced mosaic artist draws inspiration from the matter itself. In the end, it is nature itself that is reflected in the works and takes the viewer into another world. “

Pezzi di stoffe sarde, Emilie Baudrais
From the series “Pezzi di stoffe sarde” (2011), 65 × 31 cm, Venetian smalti, © Emilie Baudrais

It is this magical world where Emilie wants to take visitors and students of her laboratory in Sardinia. “Babylon Mosaic” was founded in 2010 in Cagliari. In this unique creative space on the island, she organizes exhibitions, manufactures innovative works and regularly gives workshops.

A big concern for her is to change the public opinion about mosaic art. With her work and commitment she wants to help make mosaics finally recognized as an artistic form of expression. For her, the skillful use of smalti, hammer and Co. is much more than a decorative craft.

And her efforts seem to bear fruits. As part of the international competition mosaic  “L’arte del Mosaico” Emilie’s work “My Eye” was awarded this year in Rome.

In this video you can watch details of this work. Have fun!

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