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  • Packing a mosaic for shipment

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Mosaic at Sea - Creative holidays in Sardinia.



I just love them: these moments, when the universe tells me “that’s all right, you’re on the right track”.

Packing a mosaic for shipment

Mosaics are heavy and must ship in sturdy crates. I build mine from wood, and encase the mosaic inside with insulation foam. This is…


Reiner Seliger

At the Art Fair in Cologne this year, I discovered his chalk work and became curious. Someone who works with such material surely is interested in…

Zemer Peled

In her sculptures and installations of shards all made out of clay, Zemer Peled examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world.

Claire Roger

With every object made of colored clay, Claire Roger creates a unique surface, tells another story, lets us wander in a different mental landscape.


10 years after the foundation of MOSAIZM, the 7 members have met again for their personal exhibition in Spilimbergo, where it all began.

Takako Hirai

Takako’s story is as unique as her works: After studying painting in Hiroshima, she looks for new inspiration, something to enrich her way of working with color….